What is Blasty?


Blasty is an innovative social media platform developed on the Blast blockchain. It transforms how users engage with assets, making staking not just an additional feature but a core aspect of interaction within the network. Blasty allows both users and their followers to use their capital as a voice, creating a unique ecosystem where influence is directly linked to investment.

Key Features

Registration and Personal Page

  • Registration provides access to the user's account and personal page.

  • The personal page enables users to input important information, create and manage their blog, share posts, and use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as unique avatars.

  • Self-staking is introduced, allowing users to stake on themselves to achieve an initial level of influence.

Subscription Page

  • Displays a list of influencers whom the user has staked on, granting access to read their blogs.

  • Staking on a user is a prerequisite for accessing their content, making staking a fundamental interaction mechanism on the platform.


  • Contribution and blog rankings based on stakes help identify influential bloggers.

Distribution System

  • Blasty facilitates the distribution of tokens, NFTs, and other assets among users.

  • Distributions can be arranged through proportional staking models or lotteries, encouraging active participation.

Additional Features

  • Points System: Points are awarded based on the amount staked and the duration, encouraging ongoing engagement.

  • Multipliers: An unstake timeout feature influences the multiplier for rewards. The longer the assets are staked, the higher the multiplier.

  • Referral Links: Users must have a certain amount of herstaked on them to generate a referral link, incentivizing platform growth through user recruitment.

Economic and Social Impact

Blasty integrates staking with social media to optimize asset utilization. This innovative approach builds a community where economic incentives align with social engagement, enhancing content creation and active participation.


Blasty stands at the cutting edge of blockchain and social media integration, offering a platform where users' investments empower their social influence. By intertwining staking, content creation, and social interactions, Blasty cultivates a vibrant ecosystem that rewards community involvement and investment.

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